Collaborators ≫ Students


Ariza Meza '24
Mathematics and Economics


Chunjiang (Leo) Li '24
International Relations
James Njoroge '24
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Victor Lopez '24
International Relations
Samay Gupta '24
Mathematics and Economics
Chris Cherniakov '24
Computer Science and Mathematical Economics
Lakshya Dhurka '23
Computer Science and Economics
Rose Porta '23
Smith College
Chau Pham '22
Computer Science (Graduate Student with the Natural Language Processing Group at UMASS Amherst)
Kate Robinson '22
Political Science, Philosophy (Litigation assistant, Kobre & Kim)
Sahil Lalwani '22
Economics and Applied Mathematics (Empirical Research Fellow at Stanford)
Caio Rodrigues Faria Brighenti '20
Peace & Conflict Studies and Computer Science (Football Analyst, Detroit Lions)
Jake Scott ’20
Economics (Research Assistant, The Federal Reserve Board)
Xiaohan Li '19
Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Liam Emmart '19
Computer Science (Software Engineer, Black Boiler)