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Will Cipolli is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Colgate University who develops Bayesian nonparametric statistical approaches and heavily collaborates with researchers in other disciplines. Will is excited to provide statistical collaboration to researchers seeking help extending their quantitative research. Further, Will is looking forward to including students in these collaborations and the R Shiny application development for the resource page of the collaboratory. Contact Will.


Josh Finnell is an Associate Professor and Head of Research and Instruction at Colgate University. He conducts research in the library sciences and helps run a data carpentry program for developing and teaching workshops on the fundamental data skills needed to conduct quantitative research. Josh is looking forward to collaborating with researchers and helping them find the correct data and data management tools for their projects. Further, Josh looks forward to working with student researchers on data projects. Contact Josh.

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The collaboratory is currently a virtual community. We aim to develop into a vibrant physical space on Colgate's campus where our community can collaborate and interact.
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