Data Science Collaboratory

Volunteer support for faculty research involving data science and data management.

About the Collaboratory

The Colgate University Data Science Collaboratory was founded in 2018 by Joshua Finnell, Head of Research and Instruction in the University Libraries, and Will Cipolli, Assistant Professor of Mathematics with funding from the Central New York Library Resources Council New Initiatives Grant.

Our goal is to develop a vibrant research community among faculty and students. We aim to provide statistical guidance and resources to researchers across fields increasingly reliant on data science. Further, by incorporating students into the scientific community, they gain exposure to data science research and experience selecting, applying, and interpreting the results of appropriate techniques in various real-world contexts.

The Data Science Collaboratory at Colgate University is focused on three interconnected goals:

  • Introduce emerging student scholars to data analysis across multiple disciplines, 
  • Cultivate a community of data science researchers and scholars across the Central New York region for mentorship and collaborative projects, and 
  • Develop statistical tools that lower the barrier to and increase the quality of quantitative research.


  • Join as a faculty member or student
    To become a collaborator or request collaboration, email:
  • Summer Research
    We frequently hire student researchers over the summer to help with application development and collaborative projects. Find out more about such opportunities here.



Joining the Academic Data Science Alliance allows us to join a community of data science academics, practitioners, and educators. As many fields and disciplines use data science to create knowledge, it’s more important than ever to understand the lifecycle of knowledge creation through data. This community supports robust conversations about the connection of social and data sciences, the requirements of ethical practice in data decision making, and the aspirational improvement of data science practice. We hope to work with the ADSA to create interdisciplinary collaborative opportunities to continue our commitment to community building and continuous learning. Further, with student memberships, we aim to promote a curiosity about the multidisciplinary nature of data science on campus. Learn more about the ADSA.


We are excited to partner with the Institute for the Quantitative Study of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (QSIDE). As we aim to build a community of data science researchers and scholars, we want to encourage thoughtful reflection on our analysis decisions, the results, and the possible downstream consequence of the combination. Through our partnership, we hope to engage with research resources and collaboration opportunities to expand our shared expertise, carefully considering how our analyses fit into the lived experiences of others while providing meaningful learning opportunities to our student collaborators.  Learn more about QSIDE.