Our Work ≫ Grants

E. Sherwood, P. Williams, E. Bettinger, J. Finnell. “Data in the Humanities.” $2000 awarded by the Central New York Humanities Corridor., 2020

J. Finnell. “Engaging Researchers with Data Management: The Cookbook.” $1000 awarded by the Colgate University Research Council Publication Grant. 2019

D. Silva, and W. Cipolli. “How radicalization became the dominant framework for understanding terrorism." $55,532 awarded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, July 2019.

E. Cooley, L. Philbrook, W. Cipolli, J. Brown-Iannuzzi, and R. Lei. “Why does rich = White and poor = Black in the minds of United States’ citizens? Race-based class assumptions and their consequences for increasing racial resentment and race-related health disparities in the United States." $160,000 awarded by the Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute, February 2019.

E. Sherwood, J. Finnell, J. Buell, E. Bettinger, P. Williams, “The New York Data Carpentries Library Consortium”. $86,000 awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program, 2019

J. Finnell and W. Cipolli. “The Data Analysis + Consultation Network." $3000 Awarded by the Central New York Library Resources Council, November 2018.

J. Finnell. “Data to Dome: Visualizing Research Data from New York to Cape Town.” $11,000 awarded by the Colgate University Lampert Global Partnership Grant.