External Faculty
Collaborators ≫ External Faculty

Clark Bowman

Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Hamilton College

Research Interests: Mathematical modeling, uncertainty quantification, Bayesian statistics, high-performance computing.

Jing-Mao Ho

Assistant Professor, Data Science, Utica University

Research Interests: Bayesian statistics, network analysis, natural language processing, and computational social science.

Roger Hoerl

Associate Professor, Statistics, Union College

Research Interests: Regression analysis, experimental design methods, big data analytics, and statistical engineering.

Vojta Kejzlar

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Skidmore College

Research Interests: Statistical computing, Bayesian Statistics, Computer Experiments, Uncertainty Quantification, and Applications of Statistics in Nuclear Physics and Engineering.

Heather Kropp

Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, Hamilton College

Research Interests: environmental data, geospatial data analysis, bayesian modeling, vegetation and ecosystems.

Chinthaka Kuruwita

Associate Professor, Mathematics, Hamilton College

Research Interests: Non parametric and semi parametric models, variable selection.

Thomas Pfaff

Professor and Chair, Mathematics, Ithaca College

Research Interests: Mathematics for social justice and sustainability.

Michael Schuckers

Professor of Statistics, Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics, St. Lawrence University

Research Interests: Applied statistics, statistical methodology, sports, bioauthentication, classification performance.

Trijya Singh

Associate Professor, Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science, Le Moyne College

Research Interests: Exploratory data analysis, multiple regression, logistic regression, Poisson regression, one-way and two-way ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, principal components analysis, factor analysis.